Monday, February 25, 2013


Since this is my first post, I thought that I would let you know a little bit about me.  I was raised in small town Ohio in a large family.  I am the baby, so, of course, I got everything I wanted.  haha.  I always loved art class the most, even if I wasn't the most talented or had the best eye!!  I just loved putting things together, or drawing, coloring, painting, cutting and pasting.  My grandmother taught me how to cross stitch which is a true love of mine, and a friend introduced me to rubber stamping and making cards.  And another friend introduced me to the Cricut, and another to Copic Markers!!  Now I like to combine all whenever I can to create gifts, cards, layouts, home decor, and anything else I can think of.  I moved to Vancouver, Washington, in 2000 and fell in love with the volcanoes, the rain, the green, and the man I came out here to meet.  We got married in February 2004 and had our one and only miracle child in 2006.  Andy, my husband, is the love of my life, and David, my son, is the light of my life.  They both show so much patience with me and my creative messes I make!!  I took over the spare bedroom in our house a few years ago and it has slowly filled to the point of overflowing into the garage and the rest of the house.  I promised that this year, I would seriously start using my products and not buying as much.  I also promised to get serious about blogging my stuff.  I have so many projects that I want to share.  I am excited in this new venture and hope that you enjoy it as I know I will!!!

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